Meet our Artisans

The Shoshone-Bannock Tribes has some of the most skilled and creative artisans in hand-made works of art. GoYaSan curates items from the local indigenous population; each artisan we work with is a partnership. 

Samantha P.  
She has been an artisan for over ten years; her expertise is working with seed beads. She is one of the exceptional artists. Her creations are hand-made with the finest materials she sources from local indigenous suppliers. She has a unique style and color combinations. Samantha's creations are sought after by customers near and far. GoYaSan is happy to partner with her and shares her work with customers. See her work Beaded Rope Necklace and Beaded Lanyard.   

Wanda A. 

She is an incredible artisan with numerous years of experience. Wanda A. has used her excellent skills to create unique works of art for her family and friends. One of the unique attributes Wanda A. posses is that she is a mentor to her daughters that she has shared her passions. Her designs and color combinations are incredible. See some of her creations on the Beading Page.
Amanda A.  
Zah Boich-wah, nu nunnyhah Amanda Appenay. She resides in Montana and started beading at a young age with her càgu, the late Madzine H. Appenay. Now she has mentors Wanda and Jessica Appenay. She bead ropes with Delicas. Since her first introduction to Delicas, she fell in love. Amanda beads bracelets, necklaces, lanyards-full and half, wristlets, earrings, and her newest creation, the horse necklaces. She uses "sunset colors" in her ropes. Amanda loves beading, and her goals are one day that he work recognized throughout the world, and one day own a company selling her beadwork. 
Jawana Y. 
She began beading at the age of 11-12 years old; she picked up the beading by first watching her mother. Her first project was peyote stitch on a pen; as she continued her project, the beaded pen came out nicely. Her beading career started with small items such as earrings and necklaces; her largest project was to complete her beaded leggings for her dancing outfit. Her mother pushed her to finish her leggings, although the project took much longer than anticipated; however, once her leggings were completed, she felt accomplished. Jawana enjoys using fire colors, rainbow; keep an eye out for her new creations in the Beaded page.

Talisa J.

She picked up beading by watching her mother and grandmother. They were constantly beading and create their unique designs. Talisa has been beading for a little over five years. Her creations are unique because she does not have a set design. She creates each of her designs in one of a kind—her love and passion in creating beaded rope necklaces, lanyards, cardholders, pop sockets, and keychains.
Tommie A.
An enrolled member of the Shoshone-Bannock Tribes located in Fort Hall, ID. Tommie is a respected artisan, full-time mother and student. Her color choices and design are unique and contemporary. See her bracelets in the Beaded page.