About Us


GoYaSan Art and Design is a dream of ours. As Indigenous people surviving is a strength that we all possess. However, most Indigenous artisans' "Professional Artist" is far from a career and more as a hobby. We want to change the narrative and provide a space for local artisan's work to reach the world.
The Shoshone-Bannock people are well known for their works of art, such as painting, sewing, and beading. The skill and creativity among the Indigenous residents are breathtaking. Artisan's beadwork is a blend of traditional techniques, designs, and colors. However, creativity among artisans is what makes each piece special. Contemporary artisans are embracing new color combinations and designs.
GoYaSan Art and Design's goal is to provide insight into the artisan's handmade pieces; no two items are the same. Each artisan puts a part of themselves into every item they create. GoYaSan strives for the artisan's work to be appropriately priced; therefore, the artisan can be provided a comparable profit. GoYaSan is a partnership built on trust and pricing transparency with each artisan.
Growing up in a multi-generational home, our family matriarch Loris, believed in supporting local artisans and purchased from local artists. We assisted her in inventory, labor, and sewing. She would sell the items to "Trading Posts" located in Wyoming and Oregon during our travels.
Our company name "GoYaSan Art and Design" is derived from a combination of our names. Selecting our business name is such an important part and set the tone. We looked towards our mother to choose a name; after a few days, she walked into the room with a purpose and said, "The name will be GoYaSan (long pause) a combination of your married names since everyone will be involved." 

This has been a passion project for our owners, and we are so grateful for our customers' support. We are looking forward to growing and working with other Indigenous artisans.
Please celebrate the works of art created by indigenous artisans.